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<Company Principle>

Friendship, "Trust", First. Then, "Main discussion", Second.

<Company Image>

"火(Hi)" means "Fire", "土(To)" means "Soil", and "水(Mi)" means "Water“ written by Japanese Kanji.

In this world, the idea, the people, the work, the events are also depend on the "Harmony", we think.

We try to gather the people playing as a role "Fire", "Soil", or "Water", and make new "Harmony" for your business and community expanding all over Japan and the World.

Connecting people and people, that means actually connecting people’s heart and heart for making new Harmony.

< Company Outline>

Company Name: Hitomi Network Company, LLC

Established: September 27th, 2012 (Conversion : September 27th, 2016)

Chief Operating Officer: Mitsuru Uchida 

Outline:< Deputize for your presentation !>

    ・ Presentation agency business

    ・ Education and training business

    ・ Planning and management for Sales promotion

      ・ Network information and communication service etc.

Address: #302 1-15-19 Mikage Higashinada-Ward. Kobe-C. Hyogo-Pref. Japan 658-0047

Tel: +81-78-855-9269 FAX : +81-78-806-8685

Customer: NTT docomo agent company (Conexio Co.,LTD. / MIF mobile Co.,LTD. / watowa CO.,LTD.)

                   Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation (Youth group) in Kyoto


                   Kobe International University

Belonging: A member of the Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Social contributions Activity :

・ Business Manager License at KCCI(FY2018)

・ Career Class teaching at Kobe International Univ. / Kyoto Sangyo Univ.

・ Urban Planning Council Member at Kobe city(FY2018)

・ UCC Coffee Academy Professional License (FY2014)